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Storing your office

For any commercial premises space is an asset. Having the opportunity to create additional workspace or clear underutilised areas makes good business sense. 

With the self-storage concept it is possible to achieve this without a large degree of hastle.

We store effects for a wide range of organisations, companies, public sector and trades who all require access on a daily basis. With the layout of our storage units it is possible to position vehicles (including articulated heavy goods vehicles) practically at the door of your hired unit. 

No parking restrictions, no stairs, no lifts, just walk straight in! 

Our storage units are available for inspection at any time during working hours, however we would ask that you call prior to ensure we have empty units available to view. Storage units come in three main sizes, 6', 10 ‘ and 20’. Larger units may be available for hire, subject to availability. 

The 6’ unit offers internal dimensions of 4’7”L x 7’8”W x 7’9”h which equates to 277 cubic feet or 7.9 cubic metres.

The 10’ unit offers internal dimensions of 9’4”L x 7’8”W x 7’9”h which equates to 550 cubic feet or15.7 cubic metres

The 20’ units offers internal dimensions of 19’6” x 7’8” x 7’9” which equates to 1100 cubic feet or31.4 cubic metres

We have available for hire, through our parent company GB Liners, a wide range of commercial moving equipment, from vehicles, labour and industry standard stacking crates to sack barrows. Also available to purchase are a wide range of archive cartons, anti-static bags etc. Please call or email info@aberdeenselfstorage.co.uk for details.